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Little Bites Pumpkin Muffins


On one of my rare trips to Giant, I found this little tempting morsel. I love the Little Bites blueberry muffins (my unhealthy breakfast of choice sophomore year of college), so I had some high hopes for these. I can’t say they were disappointing as a muffin. Just like their blueberry cousin, they were curiously (and probably should have been concerningly) soft and sweet. However, as a pumpkin muffin, they are disappointing. I mean, they did not even have an artificial pumpkin flavor; they were void of pumpkin flavor entirely. They should have just been called pumpkin spice muffins because they were soft, sweet muffins dusted with pumpkin pie spice. At least they were tasty though. My little sister loved them.

Little Bites Pumpkin Muffins: 2/5


Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda


One of the biggest benefits to college life is being spoiled every time your parents see you. The parental surprise this week was Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda she found at Wegman’s … my mommy definitely loves me.

I have to admit it took me half the bottle to develop an opinion, mostly because I had no idea what to expect. Would it literally taste like liquid pumpkin pie? Or does it taste like those Harry Potter World pumpkin drinks? It’s beer-resembling exterior definitely started a lot of conversation with my classmates.

It’s a very sweet soda, the kind of sweet a cream soda is. Nutmeg is its most prevalent flavor, and it smells like a pie. I think I would have named it pumpkin pie spice soda just because I tasted no pumpkin. Nonetheless, once I analyzed the soda, I found myself very much enjoying it and sad it only comes in packs of four. I definitely am buying more.

Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda: 3.5/5