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Happy Farms Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese, Yogurt, and Creamer



Target has been slacking for me this year on pumpkin treats. It seemed like they always had at least one new and exciting item and carried more of those hard-to-find big brand items, like pumpkin spice Eggos. However, their slacking has forced me to branch out and scope for pumpkin goodies in other stores, which has proved to be a positive thing. In my recent trip to Aldi, I went on the hunt for pumpkin and did not leave empty handed.

The first thing i tried was the pumpkin pie yogurt. Generally, I try to stay away from milks and yogurts because my stomach likes them better some days than others, but I couldn’t resist. When I first took a bite, it tasted pretty delicious, pumpkin-y and cinnamon-y. Then, the aftertaste was bothersome. I scanned the ingredients and realized it was aspartame. While I could finish it, it became less and less enjoyable with each bite. If the taste of aspartame or artificial sweetener, this yogurt is good for you.

Fit & Active Pumpkin Pie Yogurt: 3/5

The next morning I had a half a bagel with the pumpkin spice cream cheese. The color is an alarming dark and artificial orange coloring with huge flecks of what I assume are nutmeg but can’t be too sure. I slathered it liberally on my bagel half (if I can stick with half a wheat bagel, I’ve earned my extra cream cheese), took a bite, and was not pleased. It was chalky, just like the Great Value version, and tasted as artificial as it looked. I was so upset I refuse to buy pumpkin spice cream cheese unless it’s Philadelphia or Einstein Bros.

We’ll see if I can stick with those convictions.

Happy Farms Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese: 1/5

Accompanying my bagel, which was soon replaced by a bowl of cereal, was my signature cup of Veranda Blend Blonde Roast and the pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Now, I’m an avid International Delight pumpkin pie creamer enthusiast (Coffeemate’s pumpkin spice creamer has so much spice it burns my throat if I accidentally overpour), but it seems like this year they have been focusing so much on their new sugar free version that the original version is nowhere to be found. So I decided to branch out and try this. Fortunately, my entire pumpkin haul from Aldi was not a waste because this was delicious. It is almost exactly like the International Delight creamer. I would have just liked it to have had a tad more spice, but otherwise, I was very happy with this and will probably purchase every time I’m at Aldi until it is off the shelf.

Friendly Farms Pumpkin Spice Creamer: 4/5



Einstein Bros. Pumpkin Bagel and Pumpkin Smear

Last week when Google-ing various pumpkin foods to try, I came across an image of pumpkin [spice] cream cheese. My mind was blown. Cream cheese is one of my favorite things in food, sweet or savory, and I am a pumpkin crazy; how I had never heard of pumpkin [spice] cream cheese before this point was beyond me. But now that I know it exists, I am determined to purchase all the different brands I find (and review all of them, of course). Which brings me to this review.

One of the types of pumpkin [spice] cream cheese I found online was Einstein Bros. “pumpkin smear,” which I was happy to see because I have an Einstein’s within walking distance. So, naturally, the next morning I got up early to go  get some pumpkin smear

While I was in line, I also saw on the poster advertising pumpkin smear that Einstein’s also had pumpkin bagels. Could this week get any better? I was practically drooling in anticipation while my pumpkin bagel was in the toaster.

The bagel, unfortunately, was not up to par. It was by no means a bad bagel, but I tasted no pumpkin! The pumpkin spice made its presence known in the way cinnamon does in a cinnamon raisin bagel, and I enjoyed that flavoring, but when you advertise your bagel as a “pumpkin bagel,” I need to taste some pumpkin. Very disappointed from a place known primarily for it’s bagels.

Einstein Bros Pumpkin Bagel: 2/5

Now on to the superior pumpkin smear. This was just plain heavenly. The spice tones were subtle, but that is how I prefer pumpkin spice in pumpkin foods generally. It is a very sweet cream cheese, which suited me and my sweet tooth well, and there was no denying the presence of pumpkin. The texture is the only aspect preventing this delicious cream cheese from receiving the highest rating it could achieve; it was too soft, almost like butter, not like the more firm and dense cream cheese to which I am accustomed. But that will not keep me from giving it a positive score, nor will it prevent me from ordering this again. This time, though, with my usual honey wheat bagel.

Einstein Bros Pumpkin Smear 4.5/5