The Worst of 2011

I figure I should let everyone know what I think they should stay away from during the holiday season, most of which I did not review. I’ll try nearly any seasonal food once, but some of these make me wish I saved my money.

Image Image

The Dunkin Donuts pumpkin doughnut was just not good. I was so excited because back at home, we have a Dunkin right by my house, making these easily accessible. That was thoroughly disappointing. The look itself took my mom and I aback. The ad made it look like a natural color, but the real thing is bright orange (as featured in the two pictures). BRIGHT. Orange. And then I took a bite and was overwhelmed with spice and really bad imitation pumpkin. But mostly spice. I wouldn’t buy these for someone I’m not fond of. Stay away and get your pumpkin doughnut fix at a Wegman’s if you live near one. You won’t regret it.




My old roommate and I freaked out in the middle of our dining facility because they were selling these cute little pumpkin pies before the pumpkin season was really starting. We were pumped to add this to our reunion date which consisted of watching “Thumbelina” and drinking pomegranate apple cider. When we cut this in half and put it on our plates, we were a little skeptical about how smooth the consistency was, but we ate it gingerly anyway. It was very gross. The crust was fine, as all Tastykake crust is, but again I was tortured with really bad, imitation pumpkin! And we never did get over the smooth consistency. At least “Thumbelina” and pomegranate apple cider are good.



As I already mentioned, I was thoroughly disappointed in Panera’s latte. It wasn’t appalling, like most of the food on this list, but I did not taste pumpkin! Just pumpkin pie spice. Either whatever syrup they use is bad or they do not pump enough of it. I’ll still review this again next year though because I get Panera rewards (I love that place) and will probably get a free one.



I would eat one of everything on this list to avoid this experience. I just tried this earlier this week so that I could, again share it with my old roommate – you all are probably thinking we should stop eating pumpkin stuff together by now haha. The smell was pretty funky, undescribably so, and then we tasted it … First, you were hit with a powerful sweetness. And I’m not talking wine sweetness. I’m talking children’s lunch box beverage sweet. Then this horrible aftertaste of something sour. I don’t understand how a wine could be so bad, and now I have almost a whole bottle in my fridge. The only redeeming quality is the kindness of the gentleman you e-mail for online orders. His e-mails are formal but you can tell he wrote them. But this is by far the worst thing I’ve tasted ever, not just seasonally.


So try any of these if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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