Holiday Season 2012 List!

On a way more positive note, where are the foods I cannot wait to try next holiday season!

I really wanted to try this this year because I saw them on sale for an extremely low price, but the season was almost over and I could not figure out on what I could eat this. Now I’ve realized toast, bagels, waffles, and all other bread products are all fair game.


Again, I saw and wanted these, but I could not justify purchasing them for no purpose. I do not eat marshmallows whole, and I do not like pumpkin and milk chocolate. However, I like pumpkin and white chocolate, so I could top my white hot chocolate with these adorable marshmallows. Or I could make pumpkin spice rice crispies.


I haven’t craved yogurt in a long time, including last holiday season. But I’m going to suck it up anyway. I do like frozen yogurt, so I’ll probably try freezing it as well.


I also usually don’t like pudding, but I regret not getting this every time I pass the pudding section of the grocery store.


I couldn’t find these! I was so excited to try them, and they were nowhere to be found 😦


Since the Einstein’s ones were a little disappointing, I’m willing to give these a shot in hopes for a more pumpkin-y bagel.


Another regret. The only thing is, I may have to make a choice between this and the pumpkin spice spread, because I know I’ll be getting the Philadelphia cream cheese again and don’t want too many spreads when I will not have enough products. It all depends on which two I find first.


This wine claims to not be strong in the pumpkin flavoring, which, if what I tried this year is “strong pumpkin flavoring” in a wine, I’m more than willing to give this one a chance.


I couldn’t find these, but I’ll be so happy when I do because I love TLC bars as a snack or breakfast.


Woodchuck is a good time, so I figure I’ll step up my cider game.


The pumpkin was so good that I would hope these are also wonderful. I don’t know which one I’ll end up buying this year and which one next, unless I share with my future roommates and a whole gallon is practical. I’m getting slow churned though for caloric purposes.


The calories in this terrify me, but it’s the baby of my two favorite holiday foods. I’ll just be in the gym a lot the week I consume this.


This could be really good or really bad, but I love the gingerbread crust idea as well as this brand of lemon bars. So it’s worth a shot. I’ll probably make this for myself and my future roommates so that I’m not stuck with an entire batch.


I don’t like beer, but my Great Imperial Pumpkin Beer experience turned out well. And I always neglect maple in the holidays even though it’s just as seasonal and I do enjoy it (as your local coffee place if they have maple spice syrup. tastes great in chai). So maybe I’ll like maple beer as much as pumpkin beer.


This ale is supposed to be made with quite a bit of pumpkin, and the Great Imperial Pumpkin Ale made me adventurous. Hopefully I like it.


I think this is a decent list. I probably will not get the opportunity to try all of this, but as many as I can consume and find I will!


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